Monday, August 09, 2004

Getting Started. . .

Writing introductions is rarely very exciting. . . but here I go! I began reading Heather's "Marketing at Microsoft" blog about a month ago. It has been a great personal resource as I've tried to figure out what goes on in the mind of a recruiter. . . and has inspired me to create my own blog. No promises, but I do have aspirations that this will be beneficial for someone down the line--although probably not today!

First a little about the concept of my blog. . . musings about marketing, and other random thoughts that seem appropriate to share with the world. I have been a marketing professional for about 7 years and feel that I have been really successful. However, marketing terminology is what I would consider my Achilles heal--and for some reason, marketing plans which use marketing terms come across as more professional than ones written in laymen's terms! I studied communications in school, which serves as a great springboard into the world of marketing--you learn how to listen and how to create persuasive messages. However, you don't learn all the great terminology that marketing professionals use. Hence, a forum for discussing and keeping abreast of new/old marketing terms and how to apply them is something that comes to mind.

Discussions about marketing strategy is also something that comes to mind. The Wall Street Journal ran a couple of articles in section B today discussing marketing strategies. Reading an article about the strategy is great, but if you are responsible for executing your company's strategy, it is great to be able to get feedback from people who may have already gone down that road.

Other than marketing, other random musings will probably be about backpacking or other outdoor interests (I was a wilderness guide for three years before I moved into marketing) and the Kansas Jayhawks! As anyone who has been around KU alumni can attest, we are a fanatical bunch!

Well. . . I did say that introductions are rarely exciting! One last thing. . . after listening to an art lecturer yesterday, one of the things he said about art, now resonates well with blogs. . . [paraphrased] "The sustained appeal of a piece of art art lies in the interest viewers show". So. . . I'm interested in what interests you about a marketing blog? I mean, I'm certain everyone will be interested in Jayhawk basketball posts. . . but we can only talk basketball for about 6 or 7 months!


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