Thursday, September 30, 2004

Google Answers

Google Answers

OK, I use a lot of Google services, but don't often go to the Google Services page. But today I stumbled on the Google Answers site, and am completely blown away! We had a service at the University of Kansas where we could call a number and ask pretty much any question to one of several researchers who would find out the answer for you. But. . . this is even better--primarily because I forgot the phone number years ago!

Even though I love Google and its innovative services, I wonder why they don't change the homepage to promote more of their services? I mean, I understand about keeping the look clean and I appreciate that, but I would have been using at least one of their services a long time ago if I would have known about it. . .

Anyway. . . time for my summer break to end, and back to some regular blogging!


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