Sunday, September 12, 2004

San Francisco 2004 T-Mobile International Cycling Race

It is all over, and San Francisco showed once more that it is a city that loves cycling. Even without Lance Armstrong racing, there were A LOT of cycling fans out for the T-Mobile International Cycling Race.

Charles Dionne, from the Bay Area's WebCor cycling team won the race. Freddy Rodriguez, who had a nasty spill and mechanicals, put the troubles aside to finish second. U.S. Postal's George Hincapie (in the picture below) rounded out the top three.

It was a great race, but if you want to actually see the race from Fillmore, get there early! The pictures are not quite Graham Watson, but enjoy the San Francisco T-Mobile International pix!

Swiss rider Johann Tschopp (36), George Hincapie (16), and Viatcheslav Ekimov?
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Watching a freighter from the top of Fillmore. Posted by Hello

US Professional Champion, "Fast" Fred Rodriguez Posted by Hello

That's me. . . and Lynn!

Sean & Lynn holding off the crowds. Posted by Hello

Yes, he is the man!

TDF 6-time champion, Lance Armstrong. . . checking out the action from the sidlines. Posted by Hello

This is the Fillmore hill! Posted by Hello

The T-Mobile Arch at the top of Fillmore. Posted by Hello

Interviewing HealtNet's Gord Fraser--who decided to give the other racers a chance for the "W". Posted by Hello

The crowd and the peloton on Fillmore Street. Posted by Hello