Friday, October 15, 2004

A Future Without Microsoft?

MEPIS Simply desktop Linux

While looking through the Craigslist, I found a job posting for MEPIS. MEPIS is a Linux based operating system (OS), much like either Microsoft Windows or the Mac OS. Now I'm wouldn't even pretend to know a lot about Linux, and my perceptions had been that it is primarily something that is not compatible with any of the MS Office products, and that you need to be a computer whiz to even understand. However, I know think I was mistaken.

In the Wall Street Journal, there have recently been several articles about a shift in many European governments towards Linux based systems, away from Microsoft Windows. If a government is going to make that shift, than obviously it must be somewhat straightforward--either that or they are going to lower unemployment rates by hiring a lot of IT help desk people! Also, after spending the last two days reading countless reviews about MEPIS, as well as perusing through the and websites, I feel very certain that many people could make the switch to MEPIS Linux with relative ease.

One of the things that I find fascinating is that the screenshots show a very well developed product as well as great looking screen backgrounds. And I believe that most of this was developed through a community of developers as a collaboration. . . as opposed to a corporate environment. That is pretty impressive, and is the reason that many Linux programs are distributed for free or for a nominal cost!

Want more information about how to switch from Windows? Read this article. As for me. . . I need to look for a cheap computer so I can install MEPIS, and . . . see if I can make the transition from Windows.