Friday, January 21, 2005

Making the MBA Jump. . .

Golden Gate University - Ageno School of Business - Business Administration - MBA

I can remember, plain as day, graduating from KU and thinking, "I'm done with school. . . forever!" Well, I was wrong.

Since graduating, I've accomplished so much and have experience so diverse, it makes me feel old! Yet, several years ago I started to have yearnings for a theoretical basis in which to frame those accomplishments and experience. Last November, I finally made the decision to jump. I'm glad I waited until now. It is great to have experience that I can place with the different concepts and theories as I read about them.

I'm really looking forward to the Management and Marketing courses, but know there are a lot of other courses I'll have to plow through as well. I did decided to sneak a marketing class early though. So far, Marketing Management has been a great course, and one article in particular has astounded me. It is the visionary relevance of a 1991 HBR article, Marketing is Everything.


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