Thursday, January 27, 2005

A strong brand can change your mind. . . literally

A strong brand can change your mind

Wow! Talk about power. . . I chose Pepsi, but I'm still going to buy Coke.

That pretty much sums up the research done by scientists at Baylor University. In a lab controlled version of the Pepsi Challenge, they uncovered that "the Coke label stimulated a huge increase in activity in parts of the brain associated with cultural knowledge, memory and self-image - so much that the scientists could use brain scans to predict which soft drink an individual was likely to prefer. The Pepsi label produced no such increase."

Well, after a little deciphering of techno-speak, that explains my daily need for a Coke fix.

A few days back I was also watching a special on TV regarding the study. One thing they mentioned which was not discussed in this article is that people who chose Pepsi, but were routine Coke drinkers, had no change in buying behavior. They continued to buy Coke, even though in a taste test they preferred Pepsi! Now. . . if you can create brand loyalties that strong. . . you've got it made!


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