Sunday, April 24, 2005

Internet TV--Part 1

Wow! School has kept me way too busy during the last month! I'm glad to have a short break before it all starts again. However, no more full-time work and full-time school! That was just a little too much.

One of the hot topics right now seems to be IPTV. With the cable companies hitting the teleco's with VOiP, the telecos really don't have too much of a choice but to strike back at cable companies by moving into service delivery for television content. Of course, the big issue here is that there is only a limited number of advertising dollars to go around, and since most cable companies are only competing with local broadcast networks for local advertising dollars (but with satellite and national broadcast networks for national ad dollars), having a major player move into their territory to not only compete for the dollars from the subscriber base, but also for the ad dollars that go along with that base. . . and you can see why it will be an exciting, but probably ugly fight. (I heard it mentioned that Comcast's ad sales department delivers approximately 35% of the companies revenues.)

So speaking of IPTV. . . I recently stumbled on to Cycling.TV, and instantly fell in love! Time to go for a run, then thoughts on why IPTV will finally shake up the way content is delivered to your home.


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