Friday, January 14, 2005

Great Book on Marketing

Several years ago when I was starting my first job in tech marketing, a friend of mine recommended that I read the book High Tech Product Launch. I bought the book and read a chapter or so, then became so wrapped up in my job that I didn't finish it. About a month ago, I picked it up and began reading it again. After completing the book I could only think to myself how it would have changed my decision making over the last couple of years if I would have finished the book.

Don't let the name fool you. The book may be directed towards technology marketing, but the book is a great primer for anyone getting into, or wanting to brush up on, marketing. In many ways, it is like taking a graduate course in marketing.

Catherine Kitcho did a superb job of organizing this book. If you are looking for one, easy to read book, that will explain marketing concepts and how to launch a product--tech or otherwise--this is the place to start.