Thursday, February 16, 2006

OLN. . . Almost Doin' It Right!

If you scroll down to the bottom, you can see that OLN is almost at the point where it is effectively using its online and on-air mediums to distribute content. There will be a lot of additional advertisers that step on board for the opportunity to advertise during the Giro, especially if viewership is there. However, making it paid content may keep the viewership way down. Having to pay for the content? Not unless it is part of a larger package of content I'm interested in . . . and of course it would have to be a really decent quality as well.

Several years ago, Ironman Triathlon charged to stream the Hawaiian Ironman live -- I never watched. This year it was free -- and I watched about 6 hours of the race. I definitely was open to many of the sponsors messages, since they were targeted to my lifestyle.

But if it was free, and the quality of the video is good enough to keep viewers engaged, this could be a big opportunity to provide targeted interactive advertising opportunities that provide advertisers with the results that elude them with other mediums.


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